December 2009 Change Log

12/28 UPDATE

  • The raffle books will now properly tell you what tickets you have
  • Snowball fair robes will now display 2009 on them
  • A new toy for GMs: the snowball cannon

In other recent news: We have a new graduated smurf, GM Cyclone. If you see him around congratulate him on graduating

-Oblivion Dev Team

12/15 UPDATE

  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to smuggle a pet through a naked only gate.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to bring forest summons into Felucca.
  • Reverted to old movement code.
  • You can now properly fight each other when in the same house.
  • Magic resist now properly affects the damage done by blood oath.
  • Added 9 new world rares to be found and collected.

-Oblivion Dev Team


  • Holiday monsters now drop this years bells.
  • Veteran points will now be given correctly to people over 6 years.
  • Fixed a bug allowed players to attack each other at champion spawns outside of Felucca.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to attack into houses while the players inside could not attack out.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing you to trap players in a house to a point where they could not move.
  • Talisman abilities have been disabled in Felucca.

-Oblivion Dev Team

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