Communication Systems

The Chat System can help you communicate with other players, wherever you are. This guide will help you use and set up the Oblivion World Chat System

Section 1: 'Commands and Menu Interface'

[WCSetup: This command allows you to enable and disable the Chat System features, it also gives access to this manual.

This is the setup menu.

[WCHelp: Brings up this manual.

[WC 'message': When World Chat is enabled it broadcasts 'message' shardwide.
Everyone who has World Chat enabled will receive the message.

[PM ID 'message': When Private Messages are enabled you can send a message to another online player using their ID number.
This ID numbers can be obtained through presentation cards, or the player could tell you his ID directly. You can purchase presentation cards from any banker. Additionally you can purchase a Contacts Book which can be used to store ID Numbers.

[FC 'message': When Faction Chat is enabled and you are in a faction all online members of the same faction will receive the message. Similar to [WC but limited to faction members only.

[FWC 'message': When Faction WORLD Chat is enabled and you are in a faction all online members of ANY faction will receive the message.
Its said necessity is the mother of invention, and we really needed this.
Faction players where bothering the rest of the world with their fighting via [WC.
This is mainly for them to fight in a controlled environment, where they cannot bother the rest.

Section 2: 'Rules'

-No Bad language, Cursing, or any other questionable language will be allowed through Chat Systems. Same rules as the rest of the shard apply here, even in [PM.
-Spamming using the world chat system will not be permitted.
-No Faction talk, fighting, discussing or arguing over anything thats not [FC or [FWC.
-All shard rules still apply when using this system, [PM is NO EXCEPTION.

Please adhere to basic etiquette when using the Chat System.

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