Character Creation

Welcome To Oblivion

First you create your character; this part should be pretty straight forward you name yourself, pick your gender and your race (not so fast you can only be human!)… so you pick human! You're next bet is to select hair type, skin/hair color, and what color clothing you want… as well as gender… the only thing that really matters here is gender. If you pick male you won't be able to wear female clothing or female type armor. But on OB it is possible for a one time gender change from a GM (which stands for game master more on that later)… You also get to choose from several predetermined starting builds i.e. mage/archer… you should read Stratics for more information on each skill type… there is a wealth of information there and I'll defer to it often! You also will notice you get a sliding scale to assign points to Strength/Dexterity and Intelligence… your life will be significantly easier starting out if you choose max strength and lower dex/int… Strength determines hitpoints and weapon dmg; dex determines stamina (used to use special attacks) weapon speed and intelligence is mana (used to cast spells) and spell dmg… That's an over simplification but you'll need Strength starting out… you need strength to use certain armor/weapons and the extra hit points at the start will go a long way…. Oblivion has a stat cap of 320 (meaning you can max out with all three stats totaling 320 with a maximum of 125 in each… so whatever you pick now won't likely matter in the long run and strength will get you started) More on stats later… A useful hint when starting out is to keep in mind that you can pay to train skills up to around 30.. so it makes a lot of sense to choose 2 skills and start them out at 50 with the custom option rather than balancing out with 3 skills… useful starting skills are Chivalry, Magery, Tactics and Parry… they are all useful and will get you started faster… If you've never played Ultima before I recommend magery as it's a well rounded useful skill to get used to things with… on OB you can make up to 6 characters so as you get better you can experiment with other skills… Keep in mind that there is a total limit of 1000 skill points for a character so you can't be a jack of all trades (but you can be a little close to one compared to most shards/OSI)

You then select your starting town; which again doesn't matter because you start in Vesper no matter what you pick! Go ahead try to pick Jhelom it won't work! So you start in Vesper at the entrance to the bank. The bank is a useful place; and Vesper bank is also the main bank of Oblivion. Here you will find that most players sit here to socialize, hang out, or wait for an event/pit. You will also notice an item called a "Race Bag" in your backpack. This is the most useful item you will ever get on Obivion. It is a blessed item (which means if you die it stays on your body no matter what) and you can fill it with items like regs, bandaids, back up weapons/armor… anything that is in there when you die will be there when you are brought back to life (or resurrected or rezzed for short)… your race bag is your utility bag where you will put the essentials you need to play Oblivion. I keep bandaids/regs and gold in my bag at all time! more on what's in my bag later!

There are banks at every town and they are all linked together; if you say the word "bank" your bank will open up provided you are close enough to a banker. Here you can safely store the gold/items you start acquiring over your time at Oblivion. There are many towns in Oblivion Vesper is the main one but you will see that there are many more to explore. Each town has a bank as well as various other vendors. Each vendor sells a certain type of material and can also train you up to around 30 in each skill type.

To use a vendor left mouse click on them and a menu should pop up with a bunch of things that NPC/vendor can do for you (NPC = Non-player-controlled)

Choosing advanced here is probably the best option!
Load up on STR to start! And choose 2 skills at 50 and 1 at 1 or 0! You can train on NPC's up to 30 so this'll give you a head start in 2 skills!
Nothing you choose here other than Name/Gender really matters! The rest can be changed in game! and on the next screen no matter where you choose you'll start in Vesper!
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