Change Log

2/6/2011 Update

  • Blank scrolls will now properly go into commodity deeds.
  • Arcane gems are now a commodity and will go into commodity deeds.
  • NPC camps will now let you take items from their chests if they have a chest to take from.
  • Chaos mobs for covetous have had their loot reduced.
  • Evolving ridgeback will no longer revert back to 10k xp when you reach 50k.
  • Valentines day giftbox added.

1/25/2011 Update

  • Bulk order books now count as one item again.
  • ToT turn in should work properly…
  • Carpenters will list their prices properly now.

1/16/2011 Update

  • Commodity deeds should no longer crash the shard when trying to use them with logs.
  • Bottles are a commodity again.

1/5/2011 Update

First update of the new year!

  • Inscription: Scrolls will cost the right amount of reagents
  • Weapons: They will no longer display their name twice in some cases.
  • NPCS: Carpenters will no longer give you more gold than you paid for something.

12/27/2010 Update

  • Server has been converted to RunUO 2.1.
  • Client files have been updated to Please install the new client, you can see blue stones all over the world that will link you to instructions. Or see the wiki or forums for more details.

12/04/2010 Update

  • Fixed a bug not letting holiday trees place.
  • Added two new commands for players [wiki and [forums. Both open their respective websites in your browser.

12/01/2010 Update

  • New player pack has been revamped.
  • Doom figurines will no longer drop.
  • Skill cap has been set so it will stay between restarts.
  • The elven whistles will now be blessed when they are created instead of waiting until the next restart.
  • Murders and kill bonuses/penalties will no longer be registered while in the pvp arena.
  • One of the hues for the Cu Sidhe has been changed.
  • Updated to the RunUO SVN ToT system.
  • Edited said system to give a random major artifact instead of letting you pick. Pigments can still be chosen.
  • ToT pigments can only be traded in for other pigments. minor artifacts only for majors.

8/11/2010 Update

  • WeaponSmiths and Weavers will now match blacksmiths and tailors for the skill it takes to get a bod.
  • a new teleporter has been scripted for this years fair.

8/8/2010 Update

  • Bug fixed with old race clothes turn in when it would think it was a special color, but wasn't.
  • Limited Dye tubs will now properly dye the dye deeds.
  • Ethereal dye deeds have been added for 8 virtue stones.
  • Harrower spawn locations temporarily removed from closed dungeons.
  • You now need more than 25 skill in tailoring or blacksmithing to get a bulk order deed.
  • The amount of armor bulk order deeds will now be proportionate to the total number of armor bulk orders in the system. See forums for more details.

8/7/2010 Update

  • Quest NPCs quest name will now update properly.
  • Hammer of Darkness exploit fixed.
  • Limited dye tubs will now dye dye deeds(all types).
  • Ethereal Pet Dyes price lowered from 20 vstones to 5 vstones.
  • Powder of Fortification bug fixed, it will no longer let you combine it with itself.
  • Barberkit added for gms to easily change the hair style of a mobile.

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