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04/04/2010 UPDATE
OUTDATED - Best way to get BRSKs now is to just use .1 BOD gatherers to gather reset BODs. Post is left for reference or if someone really dislikes filling resets and wants to do it an alternate, albeit less efficient manner.

Recently a lot of people have been getting into BODs once again and I think this is fabulous news with more BODs to trade around. Unfortunately there's a gross lack of information on this topic and most people are getting some misinformation so I figured I would do a post on most specifically tailor BOD runners.

Firstly, to get some terms out of the way. You primarily run tailor BODs to get BRSKs which is the abbreviated term for "barbed runic sewing kits" which is the be all, end all, toolkit sent by the maker to the very Oblivion tailors to craft fine arms, so they can prosper and go drink down at the local pub. A BRSK BOD is any 6 part 20x spined+ exceptional large/small. A BOD runner is specifically a tailor at a specific skill level to increase your own personal chances of obtaining a BRSK bod. Now this is where the tricky part comes into place. At what skill level do you STOP training your tailoring to maximize your chances of getting the famed BRSK bod? There's a lot of of debate on this in which I don't particularly care for so to avoid this I'll not only tell you at what level but WHY. If you trust me enough read the first couple sentences of the next paragraph. If not, or if you want to understand some technical aspects and get confused in some funkay RunUO code then read on.

You generally want a MINIMUM of 3 BOD runners at 70.5 tailoring each. The number of tailors is up to you but you can expect 13-14 BRSK BODs from every 500 you collect. For each leather BOD you get there is a 1 in 8 chance that it will be spined. You only want SPINED BODs since the chance to get a horned BOD is 1 in 151 so if you happen to burn a roll on a horned large, that essentially elongates the time till you finish a BRSK large. Trust me? Stop here. Curious? Skeptical? Bored? Go on good sir.

You want 70.5 tailoring because of the following THREE code blocks which you can glance at as a reference. There are THREE "tables" (sic. arrays), which fundamentally determine your initial chances to get a BRSK BOD. By having your tailoring in the "best" table you give yourself a 50% chance that every BOD you gather is a 20x BOD (remember, you're mainly aiming to fill 20x exp. spined 6 part large BODs). By having it between 50.1 to 70 you will only have a 25% chance to get a 20x BOD. Obviously, if your tailoring is below 50 then you end in the third table.

if ( theirSkill >= 70.1 )
amountMax = Utility.RandomList( 10, 15, 20, 20 );
else if ( theirSkill >= 50.1 )
amountMax = Utility.RandomList( 10, 15, 15, 20 );
amountMax = Utility.RandomList( 10, 10, 15, 20 );

You want it at 70.5 because you want ONLY SPINED BODs to be rolled on the chance you get a colored BOD. You start receiving spined BODs once your tailoring is above 65.0, whilst you start receiving horned BODs at 80 as can be seen from the following code block in the CreateRandomFor method in SmallTailorBod.cs (which is where all this code is coming from).

case BulkMaterialType.Spined: skillReq = 65.0; break;
case BulkMaterialType.Horned: skillReq = 80.0; break;
case BulkMaterialType.Barbed: skillReq = 99.0; break;

Lastly, the most important reason you keep it at 70.5. Obviously, higher tailoring means you have a higher chance to get exceptional BODs meaning you want it as close to 80 but not 80 right? There are 55 different types of tailor BODs. When you gather a BOD, you only get the ones where you have a CHANCE to CRAFT. Meaning by keeping tailoring at 70.5 you don't have a chance to get studded and boned armor. That's 10 out of the possible 55 out. There are 12 different types of BRSK BODs(ignoring the BARBED 5x studded 20x large for obvious reasons). Meaning by ensuring you don't get studded/boned BODs you now have a 12 out of 45 chance to get the BOD "type" you're after. You will get more "junk" as you can only expect 12 out of 45 BODs to be leather(not including footwear). Just hope you roll the 50% 20x chance and the 1 in 8 spined chance, AND hope you hit the 75% chance exceptional chance (sic. BRSK tailoring requires you to be deeply religious). Lastly, the reason you have it at 70.5 is because at this level you have a chance to craft leather tunics, meaning you can get that BOD, without having a chance to get studded/boned. Lastly, unless you trade(if you can find someone to trade with), you have to roll these chances on EVERY part of the BRSK large. Expect to cycle through 1500 BODs, if you're just starting, (a couple months dedicated) before you expect any sort of reward.

SmallBulkEntry entry = null;
CraftSystem system = DefTailoring.CraftSystem;

for ( int i = 0; i < 150; ++i )
SmallBulkEntry check = entries[Utility.Random( entries.Length )];

CraftItem item = system.CraftItems.SearchFor( check.Type );
if ( item != null )
bool allRequiredSkills = true;
double chance = item.GetSuccessChance( m, null, system, false, ref allRequiredSkills );

if ( allRequiredSkills && chance >= 0.0 )
if ( reqExceptional )
chance = item.GetExceptionalChance( system, chance, m );

if ( chance > 0.0 )
entry = check;

May the Maker be with you.

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