April 2009 Change Log

04/24 UPDATE

  • Carpenters now have a couple money-making items (staves and wooden shield).
  • Tinkerers can craft advanced woodcrafting and fletching tools, allowing bowcrafters and carpenters to use colored logs.
  • Failing while harvesting now burns some of the resources in that vein.
  • Only 1 type of flux will be used from now on, priced at 100gp/bottle.
  • Loot modified, added many items and tweaked gold drops.
  • Colored logs can be turned into boards with any carpentry tool.
  • Fixed a small issue with stat gain and skill checks.
  • Tweaked special NPCs to allow skill cap increase up to 110 for smiths and tailors.
  • Ancient smith hammers (up to +10) now drop in loot.
  • Many more little changes :)

04/22 UPDATE

  • Housing code changed a lot (i can only assume i was drugged when i coded the older one)
  • Recall and mark and travel in general is now done the proper (and maintainable) way in NC.
  • The gate at the NC camp mine should now teleport pets too, as intended.

04/21 UPDATE

  • This update includes the map files for the 5.0.0b version of the client. This means we can access most of the new areas introduced in the ML expansion now.
  • Special teleporting gate added.
  • NC-prohibited items should be for sale again on normal land vendors (vampirik tailoring kits, vet shield reshaping tools, etc).
  • Repairing now damages max dura for tailoring too. damages slightly increased.
  • Repair deeds scripted. Blank ones are available at NPC smiths.
  • Bits of code cleanup.

04/18 UPDATE

  • Auto-Healing can now be toggled with the [toggleautohealing command.
  • Auto-Healing should re-attempt to cure poison.
  • Pack animals now walk faster, all pets should follow their masters at running speed.
  • Gem droppings from lumberjacking have been reduced in NC.
  • Pvp-PvP ONLY looting should be finally fixed now.
  • Lumberjacking yields no more colored logs in NC.
  • We have a new packhorse, far stronger. It requires 3 control slots.
  • Animal Trainers sell the new pack horses.

04/15 UPDATE

  • Healing now auto-restarts if healing on self, and still hurt, obviously.
  • Blessed dagger now has 10 durability.
  • Blessed, dyable notebooks can be purchased from provisioners.
  • Corpses are no longer weirdly renamed when looted.
  • Looting of a corpse will no longer leave an invisible item that never decays every time an item is lifted…
  • Minor fixes in the NC loot system.
  • Non PvP players should no longer be able to loot PvP players (NC).
  • PvP Players can freely loot other PvP players.


  • Hopefully fixed the freezing bug.
  • Guild deeds can now be placed directly on guild tiles, as intended. (tahu)
  • Status command now shows NC besides the name.
  • AI-specific loot (arrows for archers, reags for mages).
  • Monsters with arrows stuck in their foreheads should drop them as loot. (up to 15)

04/11 UPDATE

  • Healing fixed. It now grants a bonus to health regeneration.
  • PvP corpses should be lootable by PvP ppl.
  • Worldchat made different for NC characters.
  • Loot in NC now includes scrolls.
  • Added the regions i forgot last time.
  • Auto Mining introduced (By Tahu)

04/07 UPDATE

Holy… some many changes… an entire subgame and months of delayed scripting…

  • NewChallenge is now open. To join just choose jhelom as your starting location. WARNING: This is an entire, untested, subgame. Bugs WILL appear. For sure.
  • A lot of new deco, with the new graphics.
  • A nice godwalk mod for GMs, by tahu.
  • Minor changes.

OK… that wasnt that long a list, but trust me when i tell you scripting NC was a lot of work :P

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